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Flow starter kit


FLOW Pod Toasted Tobacco

love this vape, Great draw.

So far I am very happy with this vape, The pods are cool.


I have been vaping awhile but this is the best little vape pod that l've found yet !!From now own. Price is well on my budget ! Will buy again!!

Great Vaping Devise

This is very nice....., nice draw, taste, etc. I’m not sure about the battery life though, it seems to go quicker than I would like.

As satisfying as a cigarette

I love this product. No problems with it at all.

Good design,works quite well

I have been using flow for about two months now; I find it to be a great relaxation tool


love flow, I can comfortably vape it even if it's wet with rain, water,Looking to try every flavor.

A great little device

I will stay with the Flow Pods. From now own.

highly recommend it.

Great flavor and draws like the real thing.


Very nice device ease to bring any where ease to hide from my wife !!!

very satisfied with it

The price was right! Compact, pleasant, flavorful and effective. Can't wait to graduate to PRO.I am very satisfied with it

Excellent Little Device!

Easy to use and easy to carry. It lasts longer.I brought this device and I am very glad that I purchased it.

my flow!

Great taste. Holds charge for me all day. Compact. Excellent vape.

Wonderful taste

Very smooth flavor. I love how small it is and light weight it is. I love it, I'm glad I bought it.

Cool device

I am enjoying my flow kit. It's very easy to use and the battery charges fast.

A great device to enjoy vaping

I really like the flow system! Fast charge, great flavor, easy to change pods. It vibrates when I take every fifteen puff. Would definitely recommend!