We believe that human interactions with the physical world should evolve alongside the technological developments. We got into this business to apply our extensive experience with products, using cutting-edge technology to shrink the distance between peoples and things. Our team has maintained an appetite for innovations and cultural trends, in order to satisfy our customers’ emotional and sensual needs.

We envision a future in which every uniqueness is respected, where technology will be used to enhance personal dignity and quality of life, in a world where humanity rediscovers its intimacy with nature. We strive towards this vision by dedicating ourselves to environmental protection, refusing to compromise in quality of design and user experience, and constantly innovating with care and deliberation. We do this for a simple reason: we want to create products worthy of the future.

Our team

Our team is made up of movers and shakers from Smartisan, Huawei, DJI, Ogilvy, as well as other renowned Chinese brands. We are also fully equipped with our very own hardware supply chain which is guided by our combined experience in R&D, manufacturing and marketing.
Our desire to provide the perfect customer experience compels us to produce industry leading e-cigarettes with high-end design aesthetics and world-class craftsmanship, which allow our customers to have a healthier experience without the anxiety of quitting cigarettes. We have made it our mission to make FLOW the leading brand in the e-cigarette industry.