FLOW Vape Worldwide

You’ve seen them on the news; your coworkers, friends and family won't stop talking about them; now FLOW Starter Kit and FLOW mini vape pens are officially available WORLDWIDE!

FLOW starter kits are equipped with a premium vape pen pod system and flavor pods that’ll blast your taste buds! FLOW pod systems can go for a whole day on one charge; a single FLOW pod will last you as long as TWO packs of cigarettes. There’s a reason why FLOW is the only true PREMIUM pod system vape pen!

Lastly, made from food-grade biodegradable materials, FLOW mini vape pens are on everyone’s lips for a reason! Available in a range of exotic flavors including Mung Bean Slush and Iced Pineapple, as well as classics like Iced Watermelon and Toasted Tobacco, FLOW mini is the must have mini vape for vapers and smokers of all ages! And, of course, each FLOW mini vape’ll last you as long as two packs of cigarettes! No need to charge them or to switch flavor pods! Just puff away whenever and wherever! FLOW mini - there is simply no better mini vape pen on the market!

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