Mini Vape

Our FLOW mini vapes are disposable vape pens which come in a variety of flavors. Regardless whether you’re a master of vape mods, vapes with large tanks or new to vaping, this small vape is suitable for vapers at all levels, and provides a flavorful and satisfying vaping experience that’s comparable to vape mods.

Please also take a look at our best-selling starter kits, which come in a variety of colors, with a striking design and just as easy to use as our FLOW mini; our starter kits are suitable for users of all experience levels.

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Mini Vape FAQS

What is a FLOW mini vape?

FLOW mini vape is the recipient of the 2020 IF Design award. FLOW mini is one of the best disposable products on the e-cig market, it doesn’t leak and doesn’t need to be charged (what this means is that there is no need to worry about battery or coil change).

What’s the difference between the FLOW disposable vape pen and the starter kit?

FLOW mini disposable vape pen doesn’t need vape pods or charging (no battery). The starter kit needs pod changes and requires charging. The starter kit is smaller than a mod vape with a large tank; the mini could probably fit into the tank on a mod vape. In other words, the FLOW mini disposable vape pen is much easier to use than mods.

How much are FLOW mini vapes?

FLOW mini vapes are all $7.99 each and come packaged in a minimalist box. And they produce an incredible amount of vapor for their size (geekvape has done comparisons) because of the e-liquid they contain.

How long can you use each FLOW mini vape for?

Each FLOW mini contains 1.5 ml of stimulating flavor juice (or e-liquid) and delivers 20 or 30 mg/ml of nicotine content. Each FLOW mini delivers 350-640 puffs (approximately 2 packs of cigarettes).

How many flavors are there for FLOW portable vape pens?

Currently, there are 8 flavors for mini vape pens.

Are there nicotine-free versions of FLOW mini vape pens?

The FLOW mini watermelon flavor does not contain nicotine. In our view, it’s the best choice for those who are trying to quit!

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