The Mini Revolution Will Not Be Televised

 “Disposable e-cigs are by far the easiest way to begin vaping. They’re designed to make smokers feel at home, but without the tar, smoke, and ash that comes with smoking cigarettes. There are no replaceable parts, buttons, rechargeable batteries, or complicated menus to navigate. They’re all draw-activated—you simply remove the device from the package and start puffing. And when the battery dies, simply toss them in the  trash.

This list for the best disposable e-cigarettes was made after testing and reviewing dozens of products. Since many off-brand disposable vapes are sold in gas stations and C-stores, we’ve taken the guesswork out of it. Just choose the one that has the nicotine strength you’re looking for and the flavors you’re most interested in trying.”

Look up disposable electronic cigarettes on Google and this is what comes up. A very reasonable way of describing e-cigarettes if you don’t know anything about them all.

What they do right off the bat is to make it sound like something that amateurs use.

They also talk about the fact that most of them are sold in gas stations, and we all know what type of people buy things from gas stations.

Literally all of us.

But we don’t all buy the same things. We are forced to buy things that we use every day from the gas station when we don’t have time to go somewhere else to make sure that our selection will enrich our day instead of bringing frustration to the already uncomfortable situation of living in crowded places with gas stations on almost every corner (who’s buying all that gas?)

Disposable electronic cigarettes don’t have to be the pariah of the vaping community. They don’t have to the ugly step child to the pod system vape pens that are equally good for stealth vaping.

They don’t have to be that kid nobody used to pick for sports teams but now everybody wants to pick first to show how socially conscious they are.

And that’s not what they are at FLOW.

FLOW minis represent our bet against the industry.

While the rest of the industry is pumping out increasingly complex vaping products that claim to do everything but mow your lawn for you (we do that too actually), we’ve decided to go down a decidedly more zen path in our research and development endeavors.

The FLOW mini is minimalistic.

It doesn’t have much by way of features. It doesn’t have our patented (and highly coveted) one-cigarette function that vibrates after every 15 puffs to let you know that you’ve vaped enough in one sitting. It’s not nano coated and anodized like our FLOW starter kit vape pens so you’re kinda out of luck if you drop it into the tub and hold it there (you’ve gotta hold it there because it’ll float if you simply drop it so it’s still waterproof).

And of course it’s not rechargeable. But what’s great about the FLOW mini is that it smokes smoother, cleaner, safer than everything else that’s on the market (we are looking at you Posh, Puff, Vgod, Mojo, Fogg, Blvk, Halo).

We are calling out all of you pretenders to the throne. You get to watch the throne, not to sit in it just because king FLOW hasn’t come home in a while. You’re only the steward to the throne, don’t think that it belongs to you.

And while we’ve been away, lying in wait, watching as you sully the good name of disposable  electronic cigarettes in the minds of the masses. We’ve perfected the FLOW mini.

The FLOW mini holds 1.5 mL and the flavors are the sweetest (not as in sickeningly but as in richest) in this category of devices.

The FLOW mini comes in a 8 tantalizing flavors with the option to purchase 10-pack bundles of your favorite, so you can get nicotine satisfaction without the nasty taste of burning tobacco.

The FLOW mini has a smaller size, a distinct quality to its flavors, and an incredibly strong hit that makes it the only choice for discerning clientele.

The FLOW mini comes in eight bright colors, one for each of the available flavor options. We told you that it looks better than the competition as well right?

The FLOW mini produces a strong hit with an easy activation from a light puff, so even those with the lung capacity of a filed mouse can still blow clouds that’ll hide your face (should you choose to do so, which is entirely your prerogative).

And this last point is something that we don’t like to dwell on because we don’t like to rely on price to sell our products but the FLOW mini goes for less than any other product on the market, not because we cut corners but because we make everything in house.

Our design team is an internationally-renowned award-winning team that usually works on industrial designs for smartphones. How did we get them?

Let’s put it like this, they put the whole thing together.

And we actually have our own factory, so we don’t just slap a sticker on generic products. We care not because we are tools, we care because we use our own products and we are trying to build a legacy that lasts.

FLOW mini vape pen is the only thing that you’ll think of when you think disposable electronic cigarettes in the next few years, mark my words.



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