Pop Smoke: Q&A

Are you over 30? Do you have children? Do you listen to music?

If you answered either "Yes" or "No" to ANY of these questions.

You need to know who Pop Smoke is.

It might just save your relationship with your boyfriend, children or friends. 

1. What is Pop Smoke's name? 

Pop Smoke's name is Bashar Barakah Jackson.

2. How old is Pop Smoke? 

Pop Smoke is 20 years old. 

3. When is Pop Smoke's birthday? 

Pop Smoke's birthday is on July 20, 1999. 

4. Where is Pop Smoke from?  

Pop Smoke is from Brooklyn, New York. 

5. What is Pop Smoke's background? 

Pop Smoke is born to a Jamaican mother and a Panamanian father. 

6. What is Pop Smoke's biggest song? What is Pop Smoke's best song?

Pop Smoke is best known for his debut single, "Welcome to the Party". In April 2019, he released his debut single, "Welcome to the Party", the lead single of his debut mixtape, Meet the Woo.  

7. What does Pop Smoke mean? What is the meaning of Pop Smoke's name? 

In a Genius interview, he stated that his artist name of Pop Smoke is a combination of Papa (a nickname given to him by his Panamanian grandmother) and Smoke Oh Guap (a nickname given to him by childhood friends).

8. Did Pop Smoke steal a car? 

On January 17, 2020, Pop Smoke was arrested at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York on a charge of transportation of a stolen vehicle over state lines. The vehicle was a Rolls Royce Wraith.

The owner of the Rolls Royce reported the vehicle stolen after Smoke had reportedly borrowed it in California for a music video shoot. The car was loaned to the artist on the condition it would be returned the next day, and the owner would receive future VIP access to a Pop Smoke concert.

The owner alleged the vehicle was not returned and was instead shipped to New York.

The car was recovered by authorities outside of the house of Smoke's mother in the Canarsie area of Brooklyn.

The vehicle's licence plate had been swapped or covered up with plates from Alabama, and the windows had been tinted. Smoke pleaded not guilty, and was released on $250,000 bail on the same day.

9. Who is Pop Smoke influenced by? 

You can hear 50 Cent's influence on Pop Smoke in the way he speaks and his habit of freestyling over well-known  50 Cent beats. 


Pop Smoke is an artist to watch for 2020. 

Mark our words. 



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