Lil Xan: Q&A

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Then you SHOULD know who Lil Xan is. 


You're asking too many questions, just read on. 

1. Who is Lil Xan? 

Lil Xan's name is Nicholas Diego Leanos.

2. Where is Lil Xan from? 

Lil Xan is from Inland Empire, California. More specifically Redlands, California.

3. Is Lil Xan from the hood?

Lil Xan is not from the hood. Lil Xan is from California. There is no fucking scene, everybody hates on everybody. It’s hard to make it out there; it fucking sucks.

4. What's the meaning of Lil Xan's name?

Lil Xan chose the name Lil Xan because "Last year in Austin, Texas I was with my homie and we were in the liquor store and he was like, “bruh, imma call you Lil Xan,” because I was fucking around with the nickname ‘Baby Niquil’ and that shit was hard, but he said he was gonna call me Lil Xan because I was hella off the bars."

5. What's the meaning behind Lil Xan's face tats?

Lil Xan's face tats represent his mom's name, his gang and something that he thinks is cool. In his own words: "Candy, because that’s my moms name. The Z’s because I was faded and I thought that was cool, and the low for obviously Low Gang."

6. Did Lil Xan's parents let him get his face tats? 

Once again, in his own words: "Aw they loved them. I have super supportive parents and they fuck with them."

7. Does Lil Xan use Xanax? 

You would think so, because it's in his name, but ... in his own words: "I’m not off the xans no more, that shit is bad."

8. When did Lil Xan start rapping?

Lil Xan started rapping in 2016. 

9. Who is Lil Xan's biggest musical influence? 

Lil Xan's favorite rapper is Playboi Carti. In his own words: " Carti, Carti, Carti."

10. What is Lil Xan's biggest dream? 

Lil Xan's biggest dream is to be in a G-Wagon. When asked where he sees himself in 5 years, Lil Xan said "in a G Wagon, exiting the G Wagon into my other G Wagon."

11. What is Lil Xan's biggest song? 

He is best known for his song "Betrayed", which was certified platinum by the RIAA and peaked at number 64 on the Billboard Hot 100.

12. How Old is Lil Xan? 

Lil Xan is 23 years old. 

13. When is Lil Xan's birthday?

Lil Xan was born on September 6, 1996. 



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