5 Fashion Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2020, According to Fashion Insiders.

Fashion Trends That Will Be Everywhere, According to Fashion Insiders.

FLOW is the accessory of choice for the fashionable crowd. We don’t make that claim lightly, so on the first day of the 2020s, we bring you trends to watch for the beginning of the rest of the decade. How do we know? We know people.


Trend to come #1:

Pantone’s choice of color for the year is “Classic Blue”. This reveals a desire for stability given the tumultuous state of things in the world. Hence, the trends and designs for this year will fall into either representations of the desire for stability or designs that push the boundaries of that desire.

Specifically, more suiting and knitwear is likely given their traditional association with stability.


Trend to go #1:

Tiny, expensive handbags that can’t fit anything other than lips tip. Footwear with too much toe cleavage - leaving something to the imagination is the new things for 2020.


Trend to come #2:

Environmentally-conscious merchandise will dominate the 2020s because it’s all about being sustainable in 2020. Thrifting, upcycling, buying local and renting is the trend du jour, so designers will likely be using local materials such as natural fibres, natural dyes, and locally hunted animal products.

Specifically, we will be seeing a lot of embellished and loose-fitting woven garments, like oversized coats, wide-legged pants for the coming season.


Trend to go #2:

Fast, cheap, unsustainable fashion that knocks off beautiful original works are going to pass. Once again, things like tiny bags that are fun for click-bait and photo-ops but are totally unpractical will pass quickly.


Trend to come #3:

The return of vintage is a sure thing because it’s the epitome of sustainability, especially since sustainable practices will be an enduring topic with consumers for the whole year.

Specifically, mini dresses will be coming back because they look so good with vintage coats.


Trend to go #3:

Crop tops should’ve been gone long ago. The trend is evolving past small tops and high-waisted skirts to cropped blazers. Elegance is back in.


Trend to come #4:

Comfort will be key for 2020 as women (and men) start to prioritize comfort due to our fast-paced lifestyles. It’s going to be normal to wear a pair of workout leggings and sneakers with a tailored blazer and a designer bag. 2020 will see continued engagement with elevated sportswear and androgynous suiting to further adapt to the modern lifestyle of women.


Trend to go #4:

Huge puffy-sleeve and tight-waisted mini dress trend reminiscent of the 80s won’t be around this year despite having been seen on the YSL runway. It’s been heavily overdone by social media which makes it lose its appeal.


Trend to come #5:

Androgynous Footwear will be the thing for 2020.

Specifically men’s footwear inspired loafers and combat boots were two emerging styles that female customers were really responding to in 2019, especially from designers like Dior, Celine and Prada.


Trend to go #5:

Mini bags. Bottega Veneta is leading the charge on this by creating new bag silhouettes such as the oversized soft clutch and woven totes.

And there you have it.

5 trends to come (and 5 trends to go) for 2020. Look out for Part II of this series as FLOW continues to take on the fashion world!



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