Carbon steel is suitable for flame cutting or plasma cutting

As the most widely used metal material in the domestic steel market, carbon steel should be dominated by thermal cutting in the machining of CNC cutting machines. It is a problem that many companies pay attention to. Jinan Huafei CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. The company will briefly explain to you the choices of carbon steel hot cutting processing methods.

When the plate thickness is less than 30mm, it is better to use an air plasma cutting machine; when the plate thickness is more than 30mm, it is better to cut with oxyacetylene flame.

CNC plasma cutting machine air plasma cutting machine is graded according to the current level. When using air plasma cutting machine above 80A, the dust and noise generated during cutting will cause serious pollution to the environment, so protective measures should be taken. It is best to use automatic plasma cutting methods with pollution suppression functions, such as cutting underwater.

Taking the comparison between the speed of 70A air plasma cutting machine and oxyacetylene flame cutting as an example, when the workpiece thickness is 12mm, the speed of air plasma cutting machine is twice that of oxyacetylene flame cutting. When the thickness of the workpiece is 9mm, the cutting speed is three times the cutting speed of oxyacetylene flame. Because the cutting speed is fast, the labor cost is relatively reduced, and the compressed air is cheap and easy to obtain. Air plasma has advantages over oxyacetylene flame cutting when cutting carbon steel with a thickness of less than 30mm. But when the cutting thickness exceeds 30mm, it is better to use oxyacetylene flame cutting.

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