Better Airflow Design Vape Pods: A Personal Experience

Some pods have an extremely tight airflow design, which simulates cigarettes quite well because of its high nicotine and PG combo. But many of these vape pod systems end up being extremely heavy and large, making them a pain to carry around. And if should ever sit down without thinking, some of these cheaply made pod system vape pens simply snap.

And you really don’t want to sit on a pod system vape pen that’s durable and extremely well made when it’s lodged in your back pocket at an awkward angle. Trust me.

Pod systems seem to be flooding the market though, there are so many and it's hard to choose. One that I've taken a real liking to is the … you guessed it, FLOW pod system vape pen, for not so obvious reasons.

Let’s talk about the competition on the market. Juul is the obvious choice, Relx, Asmodus, Smok, Suorin are some of the other possible candidates.   

They don’t exactly look like the FLOW but their workmanship have standout qualities that bring to my mind the FLOW pod system vape pen.

Relx looks really similar to the FLOW, but if I had to pick one main difference that separates the two product, I’d say that the difference is that the FLOW pod system is basically infallible, and what I mean by that is that it has never, ever, and I mean never gone out on me.

I love vaping in the cold. There’s just something about sucking in freezing cold air into my lungs at the same time I’m inhaling menthol flavored vape clouds that gets me going. It affirms my sense of existence if you will.

But the thing I hate the most is when I’ve geared up, double down on my decision to vape in minus 20 weather despite the derisions of any and everybody who cares for my health, and then my tool leaves me hanging. That’s happened with the other vape pen on this list. I won’t name names. But let’s just say that it’s not FLOW.

The Asmodus, Smok and Suorin all make pod systems. They are not exactly shaped like pens so I guess you can say that their modus operandi is not to produce stylish stealth vapes for the well-to-do urban vaping crowd.

They cater to those who have set-ups. And by set-ups I mean these guys and girls probably could’ve cooked up something serious in chemistry class if they weren’t smoking behind the school back in senior high.

I’m not one of those guys. I didn’t take chemistry actually, because I didn’t see the need to. Probably a bad choice in hindsight but that’s why I like my pod system vape pens.

Particularly the FLOW pod system vape pen, because I don’t need to think too much about vaping. When I do, I know that it has the highest airflow design on the market because it has its own factory. And the assembly process is fully automatic, meaning there is no room for error.

I’ve been there before. I won’t tell you how, but I’ve been there before.

They make vape pods like how you’d imagine chips in spaceships are made. Mechanical arms coming out from some set up that you wouldn’t be able to make sense of without a mechanical engineering degree. Conveyor belts, aluminum everywhere.

And it absolutely blows my mind how they are able to fit everything into those small pods. All that aside, the end result is that the pod has an airflow design that’s basically better than a hand packed cigarette. Smoking on FLOW vape pens is an experience.

I can’t tell you how it feels. Just like you wouldn’t be able to understand a vision quest without actually going on one. Go get yourself a FLOW pod system vape pen, and you’ll understand why I wrote and published this article without proof reading it.




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