The Principle and Construction of VAPE

The VAPE  consists of a battery(cigarette stick), an atomizer(tank, cartridge), mouthpiece. The cigarette stick has a switch, and the bottom has a light, which will display whether there is electricity. The smoke oil heated by the atomizer will produce vapor. The smoke oil itself has a taste, which can be divided into tobacco, fruits, flowers, and plants. 


The electric inhaler like a cigarette equips with a red luminous diode. When the user inhales, the font will emit red lights and produce smoke. The effect displayed is the same as real cigarettes. 

It is composed of a stainless steel shell, built-in lithium battery, airflow sensor, control circuit, execution circuit, high power integrated circuit, high-frequency ultrasonic generator, atomization chamber, cigarette liquid core.


The working principle is that putting the nicotine solution(defined by the manufacturer) in the cigarette core, which is pressurized by an ultra-micro pump into the atomization chamber. And then it is atomized by ultrasonic with 2.2 MHZ frequency into the droplets with a diameter of 0.5-1.5um, which will be inhaled into the lungs for absorption. There is a gas flue detector in the built-in chip, which will atomize by inhaling the mouth.



Commonly, when cleaning the VAPE, it is necessary to remove the cap of VAPE and clean it with cotton swabs. At present, some motor manufacturers design a gear motor installed in the VAPE to clean. The main principle is to take advantage of the micro gear transmission system, as long as the pressing button, the battery will drive the motor to rotate to clean.



The System of VAPE

The VAPE consists of the main control chip CSU8RP3125, battery, buttons, LED breathing light, atomizer.

(1) Short-circuit Protection

The short-circuit protection of VAPE is realized by the low-voltage reset function of the chip. If the LVR of the chip is 2.4v, when the load is short-circuited, the VDD is below 2.4v. The chip is reset. The control pin of the MOS tube returns to the power-on reset state. That is, the low level cuts off the NMOS to protect the MOS tube. 

(2) Overcharge Protection

Since the battery is directly connected to the VDD of the chip, the internal reference voltage of the chip is used as the input, and the VDD is a reference. Because the internal reference voltage is fixed, if the voltage of VDD changes, the AD value collected will also be a corresponding change. When the voltage is higher than 4.2V, the NMOS control pin will cut off the charging circuit between the charging terminal and battery. The CSU8RP3215 chip uses an internal basis to measure the battery voltage.


The Evolution of VAPE

  1. First Generation Electronic Cigarettes - disposable VAPE

Disposable electronic cigarettes, commonly known as Mini Vape.

The feature: easy to carry and use, shape like a real cigarette, low cost.

  1. Second Generation Electronic Cigarettes - ego series

When the ego appears, the VAPE begins an era. The first generation has a low battery life and a single style. The ego change this condition.

  1. Third Generation Electronic Cigarettes - power control VAPE

The function of power control triggers the trend of VAPE, the amount of smoke can be controllable. The applicability of atomizer is strong, which is compatible with the first generation and second generation.

  1. Fourth Generation Electronic Cigarettes - temperature-controlled VAPE

The result of pursuing high power is unsafe, the main component of cigarette oil is PG, VG. If the temperature is above 300℃, which will produce harmful components.

  1. Fifth Generation Electronic Cigarettes - particle-controlled VAPE

At present, there are no products or even concepts. From the user, a VAPE, which can control the absorption rate, is to control the size of the smoke particle to transmit effectively to nicotine. The goal is to inhale less smoke, to get more smoke satisfactions.


How to Select VAPE

  1. Smoke Output

A good design can ensure a large amount of smoke and a stable amount of smoke.

  1. The Quality of Atomizer

The function of the atomizer is atomization, which is the core of an E-cigarette.

  1. The Battery Life

The battery is related to the atomizer. Because the atomizer requires a lot of energy, so the battery is a criterion that measures the quality of VAPE.

  1. The Appearance

Good design gives people a pleasant feeling.

  1. Taste

There exist different tastes, you can choose base on your preference.


The Advantage of VAPE

This product is the same as cigarettes, inhaling the nicotine will be into the lungs, which can be quickly absorbed and the enjoyment is the same as cigarettes. Alternatively, the specification can be set according to the amount of nicotine. Also, the solution in the built-in tank can be modulated into different flavors. 


The Influence of VAPE

The scientists say that generally when users use VAPE, they usually misunderstand some aspects of nicotine. However, the more electric cigarette liquid the user use, the more harmful chemical molecules they will be exposed to toxins(such as aldehydes) and flavoring chemicals(such as diacetyl) 


The conclusion by DR K.Farsalinos is that it will increase the risk by increasing the consumption of liquid juice. For example, the change of usage pattern, especially direct lung suction(DL) pattern. Compared with the mouth sucking pattern(MTL), lung sucking will consume 5 times liquid juice.


To compensate for nicotine, the increase in the consumption of nicotine will expose more toxins. Therefore, the DL pattern is more dangerous than the MTL pattern.


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