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Let’s talk about vapes.

MTL RDA vs. RBA vs. RTA vs. RDTA, interested yet?

Let’s talk about MTL RDAs first.


MTL RDA stands for Mouth to Lung Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer, which is a contraption that contains several key components inside of it.

The MTL RDA has positive and negative connection points that house the coil you use when you vape. Before you start to vape, you need to take a wick, soak it in your favorite e-juice, and then put a top cap over your MTL RDA in order to begin vaping. It’s a pretty straightforward process, but you definitely need to have some experience with the different components at play and be open to using trial and error testing if you rely entirely on an MTL RDA.

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MTL RDAs differ in shapes and sizes and have different designs. You can also play around wit the different types of coils to put inside of them, but you will need to know how to take the MTL RDA ensemble apart swiftly.

The good thing about MTL RDAs is that you will get the opportunity to try out different coils since MTL RDAs usually have plenty of space in them for all kinds of coil options. You will also be able to replace the wick in just a few seconds if you want, which makes changing flavors with MTL RDAs a relatively painless affair.

Knowing exactly what you’re doing is the key when you’re using an MTL RDA, but this may be a bit challenging when you’re doing it for the first time. If you’re the type to flip a table over when things don’t go your way, MTL RDAs may not be the thing for you.

Right now you’re probably thinking, you’re just talking about a basic non MTL RDA, why did you tack the mouth to lung in front of it?


The fact is that any RDA could be a MTL RDA, because an RDA with a large chamber, larger diameter chimney with wider airflow holes/slots work well to provide the MTL RDA experience that people who love feeling strange feelings in the depth of their lungs crave.
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So basically, what you really need is a large chamber and a large enough pathway for airflow to make any RDA into an  MTL RDA.

If you’re confused that’s because it is somewhat confusing, you’ll need to know what you’re looking for if you really want to combine the mouth-to-lung experience of MTL RDA with your average rebuildable dripping atomizer.


Now, the MTL RDA is part of the RBA family, RBA stands for Re-Buildable Atomizer, which sort of a do it yourself type of vape, It’s an advanced vape with a deck for coils and wicks that you install yourself, which is known as “builds” for those in the know.

The term RBA can refer to any atomizer with a build deck, like the MTL RDA, RDTA or RTA.


The MTL RDA is different from the RTA which stands for Rebuildable Tank Atomizer. Of course, all rebuildable tanks are RTAs and not an MTL RDA. There are many ways in which RTAs are designed, but they usually all have an a deck for one or two coils, a deck that sits under the middle of the tank, a chimney and bell system that covers the deck and extends up to the drip tip, which makes them similar but somewhat different from MTL RDA.

The RTA is different from the MTL RDA in that it has a small chamber around the deck, which seals it off from the juice by wicks, thus making a vacuum pressure in the tank.

Different from the MTL RDA, which soaks up juice, the vacuum pressure feeds the wicks with e-juice, and the wick absorbs the juice similar to the MTL RDA but the vacuum pressure pushes it along quicker, which makes RTA wicking more efficient than MTL RDA in some ways. Some argue this makes for a better flavor.


The difference between the MTL RDA and the RDTA, which stands for Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer is the most puzzling of all comparisons so far. The RDTA is different from the MTL RDA in that it is not actually used for dripping like a MTL RDA. The RDTA deck is designed similar to that of the MTL RDA and the performance is similar, but without the need for dripping.

The RDTA is also different from the MTL RDA and RTA in that the deck typically sits above the tank and there is no bell and chimney system like typical RTAs. The MTL RDA is thus in a different league from the RDTA because they are different and similar at the same time. The original RDTA is simply a MTL RDA that had a spring-loaded tank section sitting on top of the deck. The RDTA feeds its coils and wicks from a manual pumping action, unlike the MTL RDA which simply soaks up the e-juice.

But this design didn’t carry over to the RDTAs or the MTL RDA that came afterwards, which means that now an RDTA is just a MTL RDA with a tank section, acting as a big well.


This enlightening dissertation on MTL RDA and all of its distant cousins is brought to you by the fine people at FLOW, ask it’s only right that we end of with a look into FLOW products.


flow vape pen

The FLOW is similar to the MTL RDA in that it provides a mouth to lung hit better than any other mock MTL RDA vape pens on the market.


Because the FLOW vape pen is essentially a diameter chamber and chimney all in one which also uses a wick and coil inside its vape pod, meaning that you can duplicate the MTL RDA experience in its entirety using the FLOW vape pen.

MTL RDAs used to be the bane of vape pens’ existence, but the reason why FLOW has been doing so well with veteran vapers is because its MTL RDA approximation is next to none, if you want a mouth to lung hit that you thought only a MTL RDA could provide, but doesn’t want to go through the trouble of dripping, wicking, then you should get the FLOW vape pen to get all the benefits of MTL RDAs without the hassle.

Don’t say we didn’t tell you, because we are doing it now.



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