Best vape pen for 2020

Vape pen: convenient, fashionable, smooth, long battery-life and affordable. It’s the best choice for both beginners and veteran vape users. 


With so many advantages, it’s easy to understand why FLOW vape pens are so popular.


FLOW vape pens are suitable for daily use, it’s light enough to be easily carried in your pocket or purse (and you can really smoke it anywhere!). Vape pens completely eliminate the tar and odor of traditional cigarettes (even nicotine, if you want) AND it can help you quit smoking.


Do I need a vape pen?


Absolutely! Every smoker should have a vape pen or an electronic cigarette just in case. No matter your preferences, you can always find a vape pen with a flavor you like (you can also keep disposable vapes with various flavors on hand!).


What’s so great about the FLOW mini vape pen?


FLOW recently launched the disposable FLOW mini vape pen; the FLOW mini vape pen is smaller, more convenient, more affordable than the FLOW vape pen and its design/feel is simply amazing. FLOW mini vape pens also have additional flavors like Iced Cola, Mung Bean Slush, and Peach Oolong.


FLOW mini vape pen is priced at ONLY 7.99 each! A discount is also available for the new product: any 8 FLOW mini vape pens for $54.99, shipped right to your door! There is simply no cheaper and better alternative than the FLOW mini disposable vape pen.



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