Splash and soak proof (waterproof levelIP56). Simply flick it and dry with a tissue if accidentally dropped into water.
FLOW Pod Vape gives you peace of mind by tracking your intake, vibrates after every15 puffs.
Puff to start
Suction-activated using pressure sensors (no buttons). Puff to start, instant vaporization.


More Satisfaction
Top pLayer High Polymer Absorption
NoDrip, No Condensation Accumulation
for Improved Taste
More Stability
Integrated Liquid Tank
Improved Craftsmanship
for Increased Storage Capacity
Masterful Balance of Taste and Liquid Storage
Bottom Layer High Polymer Absorption
Virtually Eliminates Leakage
with Two-Tiered Protection
The Bottom Provides a Final Layer of Absorption
Improved Sealing
Each Pod Contains 1.5 ml of E-liquid and Provides 350-640 Puffs
Equivalent to 2 Packs of Cigarettes
More Smoke
Innovative Square Ceramic Atomizer
Improved Stability Using Insert Molding
For Double the Vapor and Optimized Reduction Prevents Burnt Coils, Cools Automatically
When Not in Use
Fully charged in 40
A full charge from 0 to 100% takes no more than 40 minutes
Thanks to the built-in 320 mAh battery, one charge is enough for the whole day
Included with the device is a high-quality USB-C braided cable
Vibrating alerts
Helps you with charging and other functions
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FLOW is your online source for advanced electronic cigarettes and next generation vaping equipment. We use the most modern production techniques, presenting you with the best mini vape or stunt.

Our desire to provide the perfect customer experience compels us to produce industry leading e-cigarettes with high-end design aesthetics and world-class craftsmanship, which allow our customers to have a heal thier experience without the anxiety of quitting cigarettes. We have made it our mission to make FLOW the leading brand in the e-cigarette industry.

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